Dr. Miles Channing’s Blood Pressure Protocol: A Review

hypertensionThere is an unpleasant truth about the state of high blood pressure treatment. Big pharma make billions from blood pressure medications like ACE inhibitors, Angiotensin receptor blockers, Calcium-channel blockers, Beta-blockers and more. Big pharma has brainwashed the public into believing that medication is the best way to keep blood pressure in check. Doctors often prescribe more and more drugs and medication to treat high blood pressure with little tangible benefit.


Big pharma doesn’t really care about our health when it comes to effectively treating high blood pressure and is screwing us for its own financial benefit.


What people do not know is that there is a way to dramatically lower blood pressure and treat hypertension without resorting to pumping all of big pharma’s drugs into their bodies. The man who developed this treatment is Dr. Miles Channing, a cardiologist and hypertension specialist who spent time in the Amazonian rainforest, studying a small and isolated tribe living there.


What Dr. Channing found is that this tribe had zero cases of hypertension. Their average blood pressure came out to about 103/63 mmHg. For comparison’s sake, the other 51 populations had an average of about 120/72. Nor did their blood pressure rise as they aged. Clearly, this tribe was doing something that nobody else knew to do.


The tribe’s diet, high in protein and fiber, was recently confirmed by the Boston University School of Medicine as being effective in abating hypertension by as much as 59% [1]. It was also discovered that the tribe’s diet contained the antioxidant co-enzyme-q10-chemical-structureCoenzyme Q10. This antioxidant, found in certain types of food, is capable of lowering systolic blood pressure by up to 17 points and diastolic blood pressure by up to 10 points, according to the Cardiac Surgical Research Unit at Alfred Hospital in Melbourne [2].


So Dr. Channing did what any good and honest doctor would do: he compiled a list of food and ingredients consumed by the tribe hoping to share it with consumers back home.


Not everyone was enthusiastic about Dr. Channing’s discovery. Harvard Medical School refused to fund a wider research study because his treatment layout did not include medication or drugs (a reminder that Harvard Medical School’s funding mostly comes from big pharma).


Dr. Channing allegedly went through a far more harrowing experience when he attempted to publicize his treatment for HBP and hypertension in 1994 (You can find out more in the link at the bottom of this post).


For now, let’s turn the page discuss the vast benefits offered by Dr. Channing’s treatment plan.


First one should remark upon the fact that some have reported remarkable changes in blood pressure levels while on Blood Pressure Protocol protocols. Reported figures include 220/140 down to 113/71 in five days, 200/140 down to 130/80 in three weeks, and 190/140 down to 125/80 in 15 days.


Second, we should point out the fact that the treatment is one hundred percent natural. This is important because the more medications we take into our bodies, the more risk we assume. By taking medications out of the picture, we neutralize both known and unknown long-term effects on our bodies.


Third, if you eliminate medications (and you should) you will no longer have to experience their side effects.


Fourth, the entire treatment program is administered by you in the comfort of your own home.


Pros and Cons of the Blood Pressure Protocol:



  • Eliminate hypertension
  • Lower your blood pressure
  • The protocol is entirely home-made and administered
  • Natural
  • No medications and no side effects thereof
  • Start saving the money you spend regularly on medications



  • May not be available for long (see the website below)


In conclusion, I would absolutely recommend checking out the Blood Pressure Protocol website and purchasing their ebook. We need to support the efforts of independent healthcare researchers as much as we need to support our own health, because big pharma isn’t cutting it.


-Dan & Victoria



[1] http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/25194158

[2] http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/17287847

Dr. Miles Channing’s Blood Pressure Protocol: A Review

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