If you are a sufferer of acid reflux disease, you know how debilitating and humiliating the disease can be. Some of the rituals to which you must adhere are avoiding spicy and acidic foods and taking big pharmaceutical companies’ medications (and enduring the side effects). You must endure bad breath, burping and bloating. You also endure a constant bitter taste in your mouth, regurgitation of acid into the throat, dry coughing and heartburn.


But acid reflux is also potentially life-threatening, as it can lead to stomach ulcers, small intestine ulcers and stomach cancer.


All of this, as well as acid reflex disease itself, is caused by bacteria named H. Pylori, which live in the stomach.


There’s been an incredible breakthrough in acid reflux relief that attacks these bacteria and thus tackles the issue at its core. The Rapid Reflux Relief system was created by Nick O’Conner and Richard Harrow, both of whom were previous heartburn sufferers. The system is makes use of five natural chemicals to attack acid reflux and eliminate the condition in three weeks or less.


The Rapid Reflux Relief system contains two primary components. The first is a comprehensive list of all natural foods that contain the aforementioned chemicals. However, these foods must be consumed in a rather specific way. That’s where the second component comes in. The second component is a guide you must follow to combine these foods in a way that will produce the effect of eliminating H.Pylori permanently from your system.


easy-bbq-chicken-400x400The great thing about the list of foods prescribed by O’Connor and Harrow is that it is in no way limiting. You will have many options, because the five chemicals are actually found in a wide variety of foods, drinks and supplements. Furthermore, you do not need to stay on the diet forever. Once H.Pylori is gone from your system, you are free to resume your previous diet.


By  following the Rapid Reflux Relief system, you will finally be able to get off big pharma’s medications, which do not solve acid reflux disease at its core but merely offer temporary relief and also come with side effects. Being able to treat the problem naturally and permanently is a privilege afforded to us through independent research.


Indeed, big pharma does not want the Rapid Reflux Relief system to succeed, because big pharma lines its pockets with the money made off acid reflux disease medications. If you read my review of Dr. Miles Channing’s solution to high blood pressure and hypertension, you know I value the independent researcher’s efforts to provide a natural alternative remedy to big pharma’s medications, the long term effects of which we really do not know. The natural approach is more effective and is safer in
the long term.


Caduceus Medical Symbol Alternative Medicine

Consider the fact that the program has already cured 110,200 Americans cure their acid reflux disease. You would think such a program would receive more exaltation in the media. Due to the efforts of big pharma, this is not so. Be mindful that this program may not be around forever — big pharma is armed to the teeth with lobbyists and lawyers, and they will stop at nothing to take down anything that threatens their revenues.


Pros of the Rapid Reflux Relief System:

  • Permanently be rid of the debilitating and humiliating condition known as acid reflux disease
  • Preemptively fight cancers caused by acid reflux disease
  • Enjoy a wide variety of foods
  • Sixty-day refund guarantee if your acid reflux is not cured two months from the time you purchase the program



  • It’s a diet – who among us is good at following diets?


In conclusion, I highly suggest you check out the Rapid Reflex Relief system if you are suffering from acid reflux disease. You can start your journey to eliminating acid reflux disease permanently right away!


-Dan & Victoria

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