Defeating Diabetes Kit Review


The Defeating Diabetes Kit was created by Yuri Elkaim, a nutritionist and author of the New York Times bestseller The All Day Energy Diet. You may have seen Elkaim all over the national media. He has been a contributor to the Dr. Oz Show, AskMen, Yahoo News, and the Huffington Post, among others.


Although Elkaim does not suffer from diabetes himself, his father suffered from type-2 diabetes, until Elkaim claimed to have cured him of the disease. Elkaim has went as far as to make the claims that “type 2 diabetes is one-hundred percent reversible through lifestyle alone.” Since then, Elkaim claims that he has helped over 500,000 people improve their health using dietary strategies – the Defeating Diabetes Kit being one of them.


Elkaim’s site contains many glowing testimonials of clients, some of whom have decreased their blood sugar numbers by significant margins while on his protocols. Others claim to have lost weight and have become more clear thinking and less lethargic. So whatever Elkaim is doing, it seems to be working.


no-more-diabetes-pills1One of the really nice things we can say about the program right off the bat is that it does not involve needles, medications, finger pricking or test strips or trips to the doctor. This is a natural approach to remedying the disease backed up by medical research.


The Defeating Diabetes Kit advocates eliminating certain foods that
aggravate your diabetes and replacing them with natural and healthy foods. In particular, the dietary system revolves around what Elkaim the-best-sources-of-resistant-starchrefers to as “super starch,” otherwise known as resistance starch. Resistance starch is structurally different from other starches, making it act like a fiber. It is not easily digestible and will reach the colon intact. There, it is eaten by beneficial bacteria, promoting their growth on an exponential level. These beneficial bacteria heal the intestinal barrier separating the digestive tract from the body, thus fixing the weak point through which toxins that cause insulin resistance use to get into the bloodstream. Thus, the beneficial bacteria work to reduce insulin resistance throughout the entire body.


Additionally, resistance starch slows the rate at which the stomach digests food, thereby minimizing blood sugar spikes. Resistance starch also helps beneficial basteria produce short-chain fatty acids, which are absorbed into the bloodstream and carry profound health benefits.


As an added bonus, resistance starch elicits a feeling of satiety, so by adhering to the recipes and food choices found in the book, you will feel fuller throughout the day. So the program even helps you lose weight, which is a vital component of managing diabetes, according to Elkaim.


These claims are backed up by quite a bit of medical research, which you can find on Elkaim’s site.


By purchasing the program you gain access to four primary components:




Component #1: The Super Starch Solution. In this ebook you gain access to:


  • Knowledge of the four best food sources of resistance starch,
  • How to prepare these foods to increase their levels of resistance starch,
  • White starch in powder form,
  • And more.




Component #2: How to Eat to beat Diabetes. This ebook contains:


  • Fourteen diabetes-friendly recipes,
  • Elkaim’s own “7-Day Rapid Results” diabetes-friendly meal plan,
  • Nutrition guidelines for stabilizing insulin and blood sugar levels,
  • A list of the best low-glycemic foods to enjoy,
  • And more.




Component #3: 20 Delicious Diabetes Recipes. It contains:


  • Contains twenty “no-thinking-required,” 100%-diabetes friendly recipes




Component #4: Iso Burn “No Movement” Workout


  • Elkaim’s proprietary workout routine for reversing diabetes. This workout is easily done from home. Elkaim provides you with instructional video and audio, so he acts as your own personal trainer, as well as coach and motivator.


In conclusion, while there is no known cure for diabetes, you can, for a bargain price, gain access to knowledge that will help you abate the disease and make living with diabetes that much easier. In managing a disease like diabetes, every little thing you do helps. Elkaim claims that type-2 diabetics can reverse the disease entirely. At such a low price – $37 – it certainly cannot hurt to try. The Defeating Diabetes Kit is a fantastic natural remedy to diabetes. Take a moment to check out Elkaim’s site and consider buying the program!


-Dan & Victoria

Defeating Diabetes Kit Review

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