The Venus Factor: An Honest Review

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(NOTE:The Venus Factor is a program designed specifically for women. Men should check out our review of the E-Factor Diet!)

What is the Venus Factor?

The Venus Factor program is one of the only weight loss 4242051-femaleprograms designed specifically for women. It bills itself as a step by step system that brings results quickly by raising your metabolism while not restricting the foods you eat.

The Venus Factor system was authored by John Barban, and the story behind why he began researching female metabolism is rather touching. John’s beloved sister, Lisa, weighed 200 lbs after giving birth to her first child. She suffered from self-image issues which affected her personal life. That was heart-wrenching for John to see and had a profound effect on him, and so he set out to help his sister Lisa. John stumbled upon research that later became the basis for the Venus Factor program. Through the program, John helped his sister Lisa lose 53 lbs and drop 12 dress sizes in only five months. Wow! I just love this story. 🙂

You’re not alone if you’ve ever wondered whether the authors of all those diet programs we see floating around on the Internet really take into account the biological differences between men and women when they design their programs. What I love about the Venus Factor program is that it specifically takes into account the fact that women’s metabolisms are different from those of men. In my eyes, that alone places the program above all others as a woman.

How does the Venus Factor work?

Barban goes as far as to completely advise women against using men’s diet programs, because they fail to take into account the importance of the one of the most important factors of the differences in weight loss between men and women: the hormone Leptin. The entire program is premised on this hormone.

sharma-obesity-leptinHigh levels of Leptin will speed up metabolism while low levels of Leptin slow metabolism and signal the body to store fat. Low Leptin levels also tend to make you hungry. Here’s a really shocking fact recently revealed by science: women have twice as much Leptin in their bodies as men do. However, their bodies aren’t using it because of what is known as Leptin resistance. Overweight people often have high levels of Leptin resistance [1]. If there was a way to surmount Leptin resistance and become more Leptin sensitive, women’s bodies could potentially burn fat twice as fast as men could. That sounds like it would be exciting… if it were even possible. 😉

In fact, that is exactly what the Venus Factor aims to do: to unleash women’s full fat burning potential by optimizing their bodies’ Leptin sensitivity, which accelerates our metabolisms and lets us burn fat much faster.

Personal Testimonial

I recently came to the conclusion that I had suffered from low Leptin levels before I tried the Venus Factor protocols. I was always feeling hungry, and at 5’5 190lbs, I suppose I wasn’t exactly in the best shape of my life.


I have been on the protocols for about six months now and I am happy to say that since before-after-venus-factor-dietthen, I am down to
135lbs! The diet promises results in two weeks, once you’ve gotten a feel for the whole program. I found that to be a fair and accurate statement. I attribute a lot of my success to the Leptin aspect of this diet. About two weeks in, I stopped feeling cravings for food all the time. Those cravings would always lead me into eating way more than I should have, and eliminating them was a huge step in my journey to fitness.

What can you eat while on Venus Factor protocols?


The Venus Factor blows the lid off this idea that there are specific foods you should and shouldn’t eat. In a section of the book titled “Disinhibited Eating – ‘Good Food’ vs ‘Bad Food’ Thinking Must Go,” you
will learn about the myths of “good food” versus “bad food.” The authors make the point that trying to always avoid “bad foods” only makes you binge eat at one point or another. The program gives you a lot of freedom in this regard. You should not feel limited under on the Venus Factor program.

That said, you will learn that certain things you put in your mouth actually do increase Leptin sensitivity and you should strongly consider cutting them out of your diet for the fastest weight loss. The book also contains scheduled meal plans to follow if you absolutely want to ensure the program works for you.

Exercise and the Venus Factor

The exercise component in the Venus Factor is optional and completely complementary to losing weight and is actually included as a bonus to the program.

2016-01-01 20_52_28-Venus FactorIf your goal is to lose weight, then all you need to do is follow the diet found in the program. If you want to speed up the process, then you will also be following the program’s workout protocols. But don’t think that you need to spend hour upon hour in the gym. The workouts are meant to be done at home; there is no need to go to the gym! The workouts are all clearly demonstrated and explained in the program’s downloaded videos.

You will also find out why women should work out less and in less intense sessions than men, exercises women should avoid, and why exercise can increase metabolism and increase Leptin sensitivity.

Venus Immersion

One bonus I really adored which I wanted to mention briefly is the Venus Immersion bonus included with the Venus Factor program. Being part of the Venus Immersion community lets you connect with other women in the program. I love that, because if something isn’t working for you, you can ask someone else in the community about your problem and they are always willing to help you out. Not to mention all the new friends I have acquired through the network!

Pros and Cons of the Venus Factor


  • Program tailored specifically for women
  • Unlocks your body’s fat burning potential by supporting your Leptin hormone
  • Enjoy the foods you have always loved while losing weight
  • Comes with many cool and useful features and lots of bonus material
  • Digital product; buy it now to begin your weight loss journey
  • Be part of the Venus Factor social network


  • As per the website, the program may not stay at the listed price of $37 forever, so the program is operating under a limited time offer
  • You must dedicate yourself to a new dietary program

In conclusion, I found that the Venus Factor system worked very well for me personally. I love the scientific aspects of the program; I feel that supporting your body’s Leptin is by far the fastest way a woman can lose weight. At $37, it has been one of the best investments of my life. Please click here if you are interested in getting involved with the Venus Factor program! Happy New Year!


-Leanna, randomactsofhealth blogger




The Venus Factor: An Honest Review

The E-Factor Diet Review




John Rowley, author of the E-Factor Diet and an expert with decades of experience in the health and fitness industry, has revealed what he calls the four factors that are key to losing weight easily and safely. Every weight loss success story has these four factors in common, according to Rowley. The best personal trainers in Hollywood supposedly keep these four factors a fiercely guarded secret, and with good reason. Thanks to Rowley, these secrets are no longer available just for models and celebrities, but are finally available for anyone looking to get serious about getting in shape in 2016.


The ‘E’ in the E-Factor Diet refers to the four factors themselves. Appropriately enough, each of the factors begins with the letter ‘E’:


Energetic foods – These help to reprogram the body to use carbs as long-term energy sources instead of being stored as fat


Endothermic foods – These foods support anti-aging hormones and accelerate fat loss


Enzymatic foods – These foods improve digestion and nutrient processing and also reduce body fat via healthy enzymes


Enjoy every meal – If you deprive yourself of food or you do not enjoy what you eat, you will be more likely to binge eat and make other bad dietary choices

Click here to visit the E-Factor Diet website!

When you learn about the four factors in depth, you will combine that newfound knowledge with Rowley’s clear instructions as to what foods to buy, how to cook them and when to eat them. Personally, Rowley’s diet helped lead us to a number of different benefits not only useful for weight loss, but also for good health in general.


metabolismFor example, one of the main goals of the E-Factor Diet — and unfortunately VERY few diets do this — is to restore the body’s metabolism to its optimum state. Typically, the average person’s metabolism is not in such a state because of dietary choices. That was certainly the case for us before starting the diet. The E-Factor Diet is so effective because it teaches you to eat in a way that mobilizes your body’s metabolism back to its optimum state, thereby making your body burn more fat in as healthy a way possible. Weight loss in the proper metabolic state is an indescribably awesome feeling — losing weight goes by much faster! Not only that, but Rowley also told us which foods to eat to maximize our energy levels throughout the day, which improved our physical activity levels and lead us to burn even more calories throughout the day.



Rowley prescribes a range of low refined carbs, high fiber, healthy fats and lean protein. Specifics are found in the diet handbook itself, but one thing to say about these foods is that we found them filling, delicious, and by no means limiting. It is fair to say we felt that we ate eat clean and natural foods while on E-Factor protocols.


Equally as important, Rowley tells you what foods to avoid because they will sabotage your results. It should not come as a surprise that junk food is on Rowley’s list of food to avoid. Junk food is responsible for a number of health maladies, including lowered energy levels, lowered cognitive performance, obesity, liver and heart damage and diabetes [1]. It should also not come as a surprise that highly processed carbs are forbidden.

Click here to visit the E-Factor Diet website!

Do not let it sound complicated. We found Rowley’s writing style not only surprisingly pleasing for a diet book, but it also conveyed the information perfectly. Many diet books are overly complicated or are skimpy on details. Not so with the E-Factor Diet. Rowley has made a tremendous effort to make the meal blueprints, dietary quirks and health benefits of the E-Factor Diet all very unambiguous in the books themselves. That said, you do need to make sure that you follow Rowley’s diet closely, or your results may suffer.


A Brief Pros and Cons of the E-Factor Diet:



  • Get the entire guide online instantly and start burning fat immediately
  • You will have more energy throughout the day
  • You will burn fat effectively through your metabolism
  • You will eliminate bad dietary habits



  • You must adapt to a new dietary program
  • Somewhat restrictive diet


In conclusion, we know a lot of you will be embarking on your 2016 resolutions to lose weight. When it comes to losing weight, nothing can help you more than following a nutritional program. If you want a cost-effective diet that takes advantage of your body’s tremendous metabolic potential by telling you the very best foods to eat and what to avoid and feel what it is like when your body is at its highest fat-burning potential, then try the E-Factor Diet. We loved it. Click here to learn more about the E-Factor Diet and get it at a highly discounted price! (NOTE: To get to the sales page, you must watch a rather lengthy video presentation. If you would like to go straight to the sales page, please click here).


Click here to visit the E-Factor Diet website!








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